Liam Tait

Computer Scientist - Game Developer - Web Designer

Technical Skills

Web Technologies

Massey Risk

Massey Risk is an online web application version of Risk:The game of World Domination The application runs Java on the server and uses d3.js and jQuery for the client. This was created with a group of 5 people over a semester. My primary role was group leader and client side implementation.

Clocktower Website

Clocktower Games required and online precence to allow users to find out more about the company, the games and the developers Clocktower also has a Blog running on wordpress, a site for each game and a forum powered by Vanilla

Programming Languages


Python was the first programming language I learnt at Massey University. This language









Development Tools

Work Experience

Clocktower Games

In 2014, I Co-founded Clocktower Games, an Indie games Company.

Colour Runner

Clocktower's first game Colour Runner was released in September 2014. Colour Runner is a endless runner where the player controls Pablo the chamelon, changing his colour to match platforms. Colour Runner was released on Android and IOS.

Colour Runner Logo

The Highwayman

The Highwayman is an upcoming game from Clocktower Games

Massey University


While at Massey I have been hired several times to tutor several Computer Science, including the very first paper all Engineers, Computer Scientests and Software Engineers take.

Massey Council

In 2014 I was voted in from across the three Massey Campuses to become the Internal Student Representitive on Massey Council

Massey Logo

Software Engineering

In the summer of 2014-2015 I was requested to work on a Farm Management web app. This involved creating a google maps api driven app that the user could draw polygons, these polygons could then be edited and show farm information based on that particular farm's database.

Farm Management Example


Massey University Student Association

On request of the MUSA President, I joined the MUSA Executive Council for the year of 2014

Musa Logo
Personal Interests

Game Development



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