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What is a Pure function? Explained simply with examples

Pure functions are deterministic Pure functions only care about their input They keep state local. Pure functions do not reference any external values. This means that pure functions will always produce the same output based upon the input. Pure functions are deterministic. Not referencing anything but the input makes the function much easier to use, as it works in a vacuum, the function can be worked on and understood with no knowledge of the surrounding program. Purely looking at the function as a map of input to output. A deterministic function function addDeterministic(firstInput, secondInput) { return firstInput + secondInput; } A non-deterministic function var secondInput = 1; function addNonDeterministic(firstInput) { return firstInput + secondInput; } Deterministic functions are predictable. Relying only their input means that input...

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Overcast for Android in an hour

Download Overcast on iOS I have been using Adobe Experience Design as a prototyping tool a lot lately. I wanted to get some practice in. So for an hour on Friday after work, I decided to design Overcast: Podcast Player as an Android App. Splitting Playlists, Podcasts into separate screens Overcast puts both playlists and subscribed podcasts together. This becomes flawed when a user starts subscribing to a large amount of podcasts. I personally subscribe to more than 30 podcasts (don't judge me), scrolling through a list that large can get tiresome and frustrating to find the podcast i'm looking for. It follows that the more podcasts someone subscribes to, the more playlists they will create. This then becomes an exponential...

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Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Review

Players are about to find the line between the virtual world and reality beginning to blur and their worst nightmares coming true … as his fellow players find themselves in danger, the hero is called upon once again – can Kirito save his friends, or is this going to be game over for him …? PG | 106 min | Anime, Drama, Fantasy | 01 December 2016 Sword Art Online: Ordinal scale is a nostalgia trip. A revisit of the art, music and story of SAO. There is no question that this is follow up to the previous stories, with references and plot being determined with expectation of prior knowledge. Action scenes are memorable in their own right. Fights take advantage of the your pre-existing knowledge, skills...

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Your Name (Kimi no Na wa / 君の名は)

Two high school kids who've never met - city boy Taki and country girl Mitsuha - are united through their dreams. PG | 106 min | Anime, Drama, Fantasy | 01 December 2016 Your Name is the title of this film, but it is also the question it asks the main characters. Your Name? Going beyond simply the word that represents you, Your Name, who are you in this world. The movie collides two worlds and clashes the characters together until finally a blend greater than their parts is made. Your Name is a fantastical story of two characters swept into another's shoes and the struggles and bonds created between people. Some aspects are a little predictable, with the two main characters being bound...

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The story of Colour Runner

If you stumble upon this post, you now know you can play Colour Runner on Android or IOS, but what you don't know is that the game about a Chameleon changing colour was created by a young student on the bottom of a world, with no previous experience in making games, a keen interest in playing games and with an original idea that he had never seen before. It started with a super simple idea, a cube that could change colours. Inspired by The Impossible Game, I was never a good artist, So having nothing but squares was appealing to me At this stage a friend came on to the project. So with a simple idea, we worked hard. We put...

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