Liam Tait

Computer scientist

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About Me

I am a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science, Minoring in Information technology at Massey University Palmerston North. I am a pragmatic programmer with the additional skills of having great project and general management skills

Technical Skills

Web Technologies

I am proficient with several web technologies such as:






Programming Languages

I have academic experience in Python and Java

I have industry experience in C# and Python

I am also familiar with C and C++

Development Programs

My preferred version control system is git, however I also have used svn

I have developed for both Android and IOS

Work Experience


In 2014 I founded Clocktower Games, A indie games comapny. Colour Runner, the first game by Clocktower Games, was released in Septemper 2014 for Android and IOS

Massey University

In 2014 I was hired to tutor first year Computer Science students.

In 2014 I was voted to become the Student Representative on Massey Council by internal students on the three Massey Campuses.


Massey University Student Association

In 2014 the MUSA president requested that I join the MUSA Executive Council

Personal Interests


I first began skiing at 5 years of age and it has become a lifetime hobby, this influenced me to be active in my life and is still a source of enjoyment to me each winter.


I regularly visit the gym for weight and cardio training, usually going 5-6 days out of the week. This keeps me healthy and energised throughout the day.


Not just a job to me, I love dabbling into the innards of a computer, from trying out a new version of linux to building my home desktop computer, programming my personal projects, gaming and playing with the latest gadget or program.

Contact Me

Phone: +64 27 20 38 465