December 4, 2016

Your Name (Kimi no Na wa / 君の名は)

Your Name (Kimi no Na wa / 君の名は)

Your Name is the title of this film, but it is also the question it asks the main characters. Your Name? Going beyond simply the word that represents you, Your Name, who are you in this world. The movie collides two worlds and clashes the characters together until finally a blend greater than their parts is made.


Your Name is a fantastical story of two characters swept into another's shoes and the struggles and bonds created between people. Some aspects are a little predictable, with the two main characters being bound together by fate, we know the general direction the movie will take, however how the journey takes place is more important.

The story is presented in a heart warming and believable way, getting you get invested in the characters. Showing them have meaningful and subtle relationships outside of the main plot before drawing them in shows us Taki's and Mitshuha's personalities, and really fleshes out the world of the film.

Being able to tell if the characters are dreaming or not by the way they act is stunning.

Knowing the characters leads us to care when they change, and when we care, the seats fade away, the sound of popcorn crunching silences and thoughts of your own life disappear. Fully immersed.

Camera movement that isn't often seen in anime, such as when the camera rotates right around a room. Beautiful animation and stunning color saturated backgrounds engross you in the world. Reason here to watch without even the story. The animation, coloring and story, complement each other plunging you deeper into the twists and turns of the journey following the same path of blending together these two characters lives.


The visual style with an excess of detail, yet framed and colored to draw the eye to the most important information is very appealing, as it leaves much to be explored in rewatches. Saturated with color, detail and story. I highly recommend seeing this movie.

The theatre was full for my screening of Your Name. I was completely absorbed by Your Name. I look forward to Makato Shinkai's future, and hope that his movies continue the trend of having theatre releases for anime in New Zealand.