The Book of Overthinking

by Gwendoline Smith

Started on 30th Apr 2020

took 17 days to read

This took me a while to read through, as I felt I was often not in the correct frame of mind to read it. I will be trialling some of the apporaches suggested when I start to overthink. In particular the thought record.

  • Reality is not the problem
    • Situation, What is actually happening
  • Cognition I should intervene here
    • Thoughts, What am I thinking about the situation
  • The problems are here
    • Feelings,How do I feel?
    • Biology, What is my body doing?
    • Behaviour, How am I acting differently

I quite strongly associated with the following description.

Personalisation This thought virus can on its own create a lot of emotional pain, for it is the belief that you are the cause of external events that you have nothing to do with, or that you were not primarily responsible for

I will be using the thought record framework to decompose these thoughts in particular when they come up. I found this book friendly to read. The approaches detailed seemed realistic and workable into my life. Only time and practice will tell if the specific techniques are useful to me. I liked the tone and structure. Overall I enjoyed reading this book

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