November 21, 2018

My first code challenge

My first code challenge

Today I was cleaning through some old files on my computer and I came across my first ever job application code challenge. It was for a game development company in July 2015.

I ended up getting the contract but not accepting. I thought it was interesting enough to put out there.

The end result was a quick and dirty endless "runner" called 3 rails 😂

3 Rails main menu

The instructions I received were as follows:

Create an Endless runner, in keeping with these restrictions:


  • Built using Unity 5 and written in C#
  • Use any pre-made 3D models and animation you wish (e.g., the animated "Ethan" character in Unity 5's standard "Characters" package)
  • Generate the level procedurally
  • Building the level out of Unity's untextured primitives is expected (anything more advanced is optional)
  • You must be able to restart the game and chase your previous score
  • Your player must be able to die / lose / fail
  • All supplied code must be written by yourself within the 8 hours

We are looking for:

  • A fun game, that demonstrates an understanding of "game feel" / "juice" / "screen shake"
  • Understanding of Unity, including animation, user interaction, manipulating 3D models in Unity.
  • Structure of code


  • Spend up to 8 hours. If you reach 8 hours, document what is missing and submit.
  • Submit your source Unity 5 project and a playable build (bonus points for WebGL or iOS)

Here is a mac build.

Controls are ← and →, mouse for menu.

The game was provided for macOS, WebGL and Android. Unfortunately I didn't have an iOS device available.

3 Rails Mac app

If there is any interest I can also do a dump of the source code.